Random Thoughts. Random Times.

Don’t let your mind get twisted.

Have you ever looked into the mirror and you swore that it wasn’t you looking back?

Scariest moments of my life… One moment I’m washing my face and the next… I’m looking up at what supposedly should be me. Only it is not me. Who is that? Am I really standing here?

I stand still wondering if my mirror-image would move in a way which did not reflect my movements at all.



In moments where reality crashes down and logic no longer makes sense, we get twisted.


Recently, I had a similar feeling when I embarked on a journey that started out with a simple curiosity, TRON – after seeing a preview for Tron: Legacy, the sequel to the 1980s Tron.

I vaguely remember what the story of Tron was or what happened in the movie itself. I could only remember something about a video game… I went onto Wikipedia and looked up TRON and TRON legacy and one thing led to another.

Enter: Flynn Lives

Genius, Visionary, Modern Hero

That is Kevin Flynn.

He came into our lives and showed us the limitless possibilities of the future. And then, all of a sudden, he “disappeared.”

Some people believe he died. We don’t. We know that Kevin Flynn Lives.

We’re not crazy, we’re not obsessed, we’re not lunatics. We simply have followed the facts wherever they lead. And the facts tell us that Kevin Flynn Lives.

We are here for Kevin. Nobody can make us stop believing that he is out there, that he’s waiting for us, and that he will return when the time is right.

Apparently, through a promotion and marketing scheme for the new Tron: Legacy, Disney has started an ambitious yet entertaining viral campaign to generate a Tron-infested fan base. If you read the site “Flynn Lives,” without knowing what Tron is, you can definitely be tricked and manipulated into believing that Kevin Flynn is indeed a real person that is really missing in the world. Disney and fans of Tron have successfully (in my opinion) created an altered universe where Tron, Encom, and Kevin Flynn are all real. They have even created make-shift stock charts for Encom (the video game company in Tron.)

In this viral marketing scheme, people all around the world are starting to band together in search of Kevin Flynn and his possible whereabouts.

So what’s the deal with all this “twisted” talk?

I found myself addicted to the website and all that it had to offer. Everything seemed so real and well-done that well… I started to think that this man-made dimension where Tron lives is not man-made at all but is in fact real. I wanted to join the fight for Flynn, I wanted Justice for his abduction, I wanted to find Flynn and I knew he was alive somewhere…

I wanted to join the FIGHT!

Engulfed in the potential of Flynn’s existence twisted my mind. It manipulated, grind ed, and plagued my mind for days. Is this real? Maybe it is real, and everything is fake. A fake world to brain-wash us into believing that Kevin Flynn was a make-believe character in some movie in the 80s… Was he a fictional character? It felt more like a cry for help, but from what? I couldn’t put my finger on it. All I could do was trust my senses, but even then could I? Were my senses playing tricks on me? Was this a roundabout that was destined for a tragic ending? Questions upon questions bounced between my thoughts… combination’s of the real and un-real both co-existed along side one another within the depths of my mind.

Distorted images flooded the websites of potential sightings and feelings of Flynn

The twisted ideas became painful as I no longer recognized what I saw before me. An out-of-body experience watching my drone-like body be controlled by the viral marketing wheel of Disney.

Why would Disney do this? Why would Disney put me through such torture and make me question my very existence? Is Disney Kevin Flynn? Is Flynn the creator of Disney, the master-mind of racial stereo-types? Is Flynn in fact the reason for the down-fall of society due to piles and piles of sexiest films? Is Kevin Flynn really just an ignorant sexist pig who has tricked us all? Maybe a little Flynn lives in all of us. Us as in those who have grown up watching Disney Films. Are we supposed to find ourselves? Flynn may be warning us, even from an alternative universe, that we should be prepared for what is to come.  His warning signs become so clear now! There is no search at all. We are all Flynn, but to find Flynn is still a journey in itself. A journey we will soon have to begin because what is to come is not avoidable. What is to come through our own doings, by our very hands, by our very own impulses. The brave new world continues to reach technological advances quicker than ever, and we might just need to take a step back before it’s too late.

To find true meaning through the reflections within a mirror can quite possibly be the key to our preservation and ultimate existence on Earth.

But when is it too late? When we figure that out, it’ll probably be too late.

Flynn… Where are you?


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