Random Thoughts. Random Times.

The Middle Class.

My blogs are based on observations and how we perceive the world. And through our lenses as skewed and messed up as they are, we see the world in a shaky obscure and deathly way.

To our observations, we see the middle class (in general) as the most down to earth people you’ll ever meet. I thought to myself… why is that?

The answer is simple – “Because we have to be.”

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In a world where we’re bombarded with advertisements and social marketing on a hourly and daily basis, we just have to be.

On the computer, my Yahoo browser pops up and I see numerous headlines showcasing the rich elite and celebrities flaunting their lives through cyberspace where Perez Hilton, with his creative handy work, millions are entertained daily with nothing. We stand in line at the grocery store only to find magazines of the rich and glamorous. We drive home and listen to the radio and hear the latest celebrity gossip and trends. We get home and sit on our couches and watch TV, but TV is no longer what it used to be… we’re watching “The Hills'” and reality shows depicting people doing absolutely nothing with their lives and being paid millions for it.

So as Middle Class, we sit amongst a field of similarity constantly battling our mental imbalances while denying our impulses yearning for more.

Who wouldn’t trade this…

For this?

The Middle Class… We’re hard working people. We did what we were told to do, we went to school, we worked hard, worked our way through college, we worked hard, got our first job out of college, we worked hard, we moved up slowly in the world through promotions and experience… we worked hard.

We did what our parents told us to do. And in the end we’re middle class. Middle class, we make enough money to survive, but never enough to enjoy. We make enough not to be eligible for financial aid, but not enough to put our children through college without loans.

The Middle Class, we battle and save, battle some more and save. What do we battle with? We battle our retail handlers and their impeccable ways. They sell us their life-style and culture and we wish our middle class life-style and culture could fund such a life-style and culture.

So why are the Middle Class the most down to earth? Because we have to be, or else we’d go insane.

The world tells me that I need HDTV. They say it’s the best thing ever! So I get hyped up! I’m saving and I’m saving and I’m excited because after months and months of deferring joy I finally get to purchase this:

And I’m not going to lie, I was over-joyed when I purchased it. It changed my life forever just as the countless ADs have suggested.

Then… They come out with this –

Now whatever satisfaction and content I felt when purchasing my HDTV is now gone. The months of discipline and grinding money out of my ass is rendered absolutely meaningless. Now they tell me, 3D is the future and I’d be a fool without it.

All this happened right after I was able to cancel my Sprint plan so I could finally enjoy the power of the IPhone. And of course I got the latest in 3Gs technology.

It changed my life!


Now I stare down at my iphone 3Gs with disgust. What’s the main difference? Well for me, I saw this ad:


The web-cam feature is utterly amazing and because it is so amazing,  I sit here… on front of my (non-mac) computer screen living in depression as the world comes up with new ways to make me feel inferior. The consistent stream-line of ads and marketing pitches whether its commercials, internet ads, news stories, or blogs… the consistency is that of the power of the GODs. How can we constantly endure such mental bombardment…we can only handle so much until we have our nervous break-down and go completely insane forever vegetated lingering slowly down the hole of “Fuck this…”

So why are Middle Class the most down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet?

Because we have to be.


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