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Decline to State in a Declining State

The state of the union is not like it once was or is it?

The media, news sites, and constant propaganda is telling us to vote in every election and our votes count. But truth be told, quite obviously… I don’t think it counts at all. They tell us every vote counts, but does it?

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Riddle me this…

For the President for example, hypothetically, the president changes every 4 years. How can you expect someone to come in to the Presidency and expect them to learn the in’s and out’s of every facet of our government and our great nation in a matter of moments to begin a 4-year Presidency?

I’d say its sheeeerrr ridiculousness!

It just cannot be done.

So what happens?

Can we really?

There is no way any elected officials can ever just be elected into office and be expected to know everything right off the bat. Obama promised us change and “yes we can” jubberish, but it’s really no we can’t and there will be no change.

You’ve been lied to. But no surprise right? We’re just programmed to be desensitized by the constant let downs of the political war wheel which continues to spin and spin without any accountability because we all seemly abide by the same laws of “thats how things are.”

But you know what? Of course, yes of course, that is certainly not how things are nor should be. How do we stop this? Well thats easy. Every 4 years, we tune our radios, internet, and T.V’s into the Presidential election and of course… who really cares about any other elections besides Presidential elections? Thats right.

No… I am  not asking you to be a Libertarian…

We are the new and emerging political class, and I wouldn’t even call it a class. We are the fastest growing political party in the nation. We are not the Republicans nor are we democrats. We are the glorious and progressive, DECLINE TO STATE. Decline to state is the number 1 growing political party in the nation for a reason. The people as am myself, we are fed up with the 2-party system. It obviously does  not represent the views of the people.

The majority of the nation is in the middle, we are neither far right or far left. We’re in the middle.

We’re tired of being hearing your “moderate” jargon and be let down time after time when you retreat to your far right and left ass cracks.

People are always talking about the undecided…. Well we’re undecided because we believe there are no good choices at the moment and we’re always forced to choose the lesser of 2 evils. Unfortunately, in the last election, we had an old has-been and a lying toast master. What to choose? The odds were against us.

It is okay, times have changed and we now have the powers. Political leaders no longer care if you’re democrat or republican, they only care for the middle decline to state voters… the “undecideds.”

Check out this article in the LA Timeshttp://articles.latimes.com/2010/apr/04/local/la-me-week4-2010apr04

Demographically, they look like the future of California, meaning that their sway should only increase. They are more white than the Democratic Party and more Latino than the Republican Party. They are more Asian than either party and between the two when it comes to African Americans.

We’re wising up America, and it’s about damn time. Rise up alll.

Embrace the freedom of mind. The freedom of choice.


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