Random Thoughts. Random Times.


I recently took a vacation and traveled for a week. The vacation was filled with enjoyment, relaxation and the company of great friends. Sounds like your typical vacation, however, this time around, I did something that I have never done before. I’ve never done this in the span of over 6 years.

I disconnected.

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For the first time in several years, I turned off my cell phone (Iphone in my case) and disconnected from the world and for the first time in several years, I truly had a vacation and relaxed my mind. The gratification of instant information, e-mails, messaging, and phone calls were out the window. This may seem like a simple concept but is it really? On a daily basis we find ourselves sucked into the digital world and even when we put our phones away, there is still that lingering thought in the back of our minds nagging us to check our phones for constant updates.

Whats the latest twitter feed?

Who’s updated their facebook?

Did I get any new e-mails?

To truly escape this vicious cycle and release ourselves from the hunger of information is one which many of us struggle with. I know I do.

I am your typical Iphone addict and I can’t stop. I’m the person who sits at the dinner table pretending to listen to the conversation while staring at my phone for the latest e-mails. I’m the rude person who checks my phone in the middle of meetings and personal conversations. I am rude, and I can’t stop. It’s an issue, but I know I’m not alone. My daily life is chained to the impeding impulses I feel and struggle with to check my phone.

Most of the time, I check it for no apparent reason, the act of “checking” my phone has become so natural that my body and mind autonomously carries out the act without mental awareness.

Look familiar?

You may be reading right now and be asking yourself “who cares, everyone knows this.” But even if we do know this, why do we still do it?

For the last week, I was able to turn off my phone and disconnect and in doing so, I was able to fully enjoy my experiences 100%. A relaxed state I haven’t felt in quite some time. It was refreshing and life changing.

Unfortunately, despite the experiences of freedom from the digital world, the moment the vacation ended, I was forced back into the ball and chain that is my iphone.

Maybe one day, through the constant disconnect, our desensitized culture will come to its senses and we’ll emerge from the depths of our 2nd worlds and re-unite in the beautiful tangible reality.

Until that day comes, please everyone, take it one step at a time and disconnect when the moment presents itself.


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