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An eye is not worth another.

We sit here a few days removed from what could have been an act our nation would have regretted for years to come.Let’s start by being grateful that the infamous “Burn A Koran Day” never came into fruition and the psychotic Pastor changed his mind.

Mind boggling and unbelievable as the situation was, it is more intense to realize that our great nation is more backward and less progressive than we really make ourselves out to be. As a child growing up in America, we’re taught to believe that our nation is diverse and progressive, and deep down inside I still hope that to be true despite the naivety of that thought.

I still hope for a better tomorrow, but in the end the world keeps letting me down, and Pastor Jones definitely added to the running tally that the world is a cruel a desolate place.

But I’m not going to talk about the day itself and its negative implications of what could have happened. It’s not to say I wasn’t disturbed by the events leading up to this. I was, but I was more disturbed when I was browsing through online media, and came across a number of individuals who supported “Burn A Koran Day.” Their reason? Simple.

“An eye for an eye.”

The ancient tradition of taking ones eye in exchange for another is perfect justification for revenge no matter the consequences. Many people leaving comments and opinions about this issue justified the Pastor’s actions by citing the fact that all over the world people were burning American flags in protest. One can argue that, yeah of course it would make sense to burn their Quran just to get back at them but you can’t. You just can’t do that.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that an eye for an eye never solved anything. The only outcome from an eye for eye concept is war and bloodshed. We’re supposed to be the land of diversity and religious tolerance.

Throughout history, a number of individuals chose to stand against tremendous odds despite the unyielding violence that surrounded them. Ghandi, Mandela, King etc. Even when the violence grew, they still withstood their ground without the use of violence and advocated peace as an alternative.  Their message to denounce violence in search for a better tomorrow resonates much stronger and deeper than any war has. We do not remember the specifics of any one single war, but we remember and benefit from the actions taken upon these individuals to seek social justice and change while standing toe to toe with the most violent of odds. The will to overcome the urge to inflict pain on another human being is much more powerful than any single firearm can be.

Be grateful our nation does not  have another action to add to the long list of regrets and hope that we may learn and move on safely.


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