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Chris Brown. Revisited. What is?

In my never-ending journey to find out “what is,” I find myself baffled beyond comprehension yet again. I recently watched the movie “Takers” which was just released a week ago. During the movie, a group of African-American women cheered out-of-control when Chris Brown appeared during the movie and every time they showed him, they would cheer. I am just left speechless by the whole event and I am left wondering why these women would still support him. Not even support him, they wanted to have his kids. They wanted the opportunity to go out with him, be proposed by him, get slapped, get married, get beat, have 2 kids, get beat some more, and have 3 more kids and all the while Chris Brown is off taking care of his 6 other families. But I guess I can see where the frustration comes from, when you have girls after girls blowing up your phone trying to get at you day and night, someone’s gotta take the beating.

In this edition of “what is,” I’m not going to discuss the movie but I’m going to revisit the Chris Brown and Rihanna abuse incident.

First off, before I begin, a little background information on my personal feelings on the incident. I religiously change the radio station whenever I hear a Chris Brown song come on and I refuse to  hear his music, but “Takers” was too good to pass up, so just this once, I had to indulge in a Chris Brown related production.

egardless, in the end I’m a “Hardcore Anti-Chris Brown Activist.”

After the reported abuse hit the airwaves and flooded the internet, I was shocked yet not too shocked by the incident. But what I was shocked about was the number of females blaming the incident on Rihanna and honestly believing that Chris Brown was the victim in the whole ordeal. I would listen to the radio and just be absolutely ASTONISHED by the volume of females calling in and whole-heartedly supporting Chris Brown despite the fact that he literally went to town on Rihanna’s face like a punching bag.

Men beating women is the obvious issue here. It’s been talked about over and over again, but I’d like to take a different look at the on-going battle of ending domestic violence –

A piece of the solution is obvious yet many people still don’t get it. Women should be united as one on this issue, but we still hear other women condoning abusive actions by simply justifying the abuse due to a woman’s behavior towards a man. We’ve all heard the arguments, and I’m sure we all know someone who thought Rihanna was at fault. To all the women-haters out there, I give you this: Rihanna may have provoked Chris Brown to be angry with her, but in no situation was it remotely justifiable to hit Rihanna. It pains myself and I’m sure it pains many others that these women cannot see beyond their temptations and support an individual whom was wrongfully abused. All these women want to be alongside Chris Brown so they could get beat too. Sadness.

Have some dignity.

In the mean time, I heard Chris Brown bought a house on this street:

I guess in the end, “it is what it is.”


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