Random Thoughts. Random Times.

Emo. depression. why not?

We’re so used to the term “emo” and depression as if it were the latest fad. Since when did it become “cool” to be depressed? Since now, I’d say. Just like pokemon and cute cupcakes, being depressed and emo is the thing to do. Pondering life and all it has to offer is the thing to do. Wondering why we’re here and being angry at the world is the way to go. I love it.

I began to wonder… is it just because we’re a generation of sheer pussies and rejects or is the world ever more depressing? My conclusion is that life isn’t that much harder nor is it that much more depressing. What’s the reason you ask? That’s easy –

We just have too much time to ponder.

Technology is supposed to make us more effective and efficient, but it has done the complete opposite. Technology has made us weaker and with each advance, we grow more depressing by the day. The faster we’re able to accomplish tasks and instantly satisfy our intellectual cravings, the more likely we think about our lives and come to negative conclusions.

Life could not be harder nowadays… Technology has made so many things convenient for us. Food is readily available and money isn’t hard to come by. Even working minimum wage can get you by if you plan accordingly. The U.S. has the top ?2% of the world’s wealth and even working minimum wage, you’re already wayyyy ahead of the curve. Are we just brought up as spoiled brats? Probably. Living in America, we’re all spoiled even if you’re considered “ghetto.” Being ghetto and fearing drive-by’s isn’t nearly as harsh has mass genocides.

We just have too much time on our hands. Even the drug dealer on your street corner has too much time on their hands. Your rich celebrity? Too much time on their hands as well. Everyone is emo, from the rich and famous to the poor and raggedy. From top to bottom, everyone has too much time on their hands.

Back in the day, people were busy doing this:

There was no time to think about life when you’re harvesting your crops 24/7

We were meant to be hunter and gatherers. We’re supposed to be gathering food all day long and fending for our lives.

We were built to survive. We were built to adapt.

We’re not built to lay around and rot our minds. There’s a reason why over 50% of the U.S population looks like this:

he thought about life too hard…

Honestly, the world is emo as fuck because we’re left with an endless amount of time pondering about our lives and the eternal destiny which awaits. But what really awaits? To answer that question? We’ll go through endless emotional roller coasters only to end up in the depths of darkness and depression. The meaning of life? Who knows. Technology and social media have rotted our minds to the point of no return and there is absolutely no return.

Social Media

Through social media, we’re able to post emotional urges at our will. And due to our endless will, theres many regretful posts out there. We’re so impulsive with our emotions that it may seem that the world is more emo but in fact we’re just the same. The world suddenly has an avenue in which we can express ourselves whenever we want to.

This stupid bird took our personal emotions and gave us an opportunity to express ourselves and tricking us into believing it was the thing to do, but in the end it just fostered infinite regrets and gave way to a generation of emo losers acting out for attention.

Apple… Ipods.. we”re so tuned out from reality we live within ourselves in tiny bubbles moving about the earth with no sense of purpose.

And because of this we are doomed by our own glutenous behaviors. We are too in-tuned with technology we no longer know what’s around us and awareness becomes a lost art.

In the end, only social interaction can dissolve the symptoms of emoness. But technology nullifies this aspect of life and we’re left with emo tendencies and infinite time to ponder about the depressive natures of life.

Get out of your bubble and talk to someone. Engage and interact, its the only way we can fight back against our self-destruction.


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