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Excel is stuck in stupid

Microsoft could learn a few things from Apple about aesthetics

The other day a co-worker and I discussed how boring work is. The conversation started off with me complaining abuot Excel and how it can be quite annoying and tedious. He responded “Excel is stuck in stupid.”

I started thinking. Work can be a bit more interesting if the programs we used everyday looked a little more appealing to the eye. It’s worse enough that we sit in a cubicle all day attempting to fool everyone around us and make them believe that we actually enjoy our work. Who actually enjoys working 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week? I’d rather be traveling the world or lounging around watching TV all day. But I can’t because society looks down upon those with idle hands. So instead, I am forced to sit here and trot through my mundane life and look at these boring programs all day. Could Microsoft have made things a little bit more fun? I’m sure there could have been a more interesting way to make graphs and tables…

Excel is stuck in stupid, and I’ll add that society is also stuck in stupid. It is still mind-boggling why we have to carry out a life constantly doing work that has nothing to do with our own lives. I don’t think nature intended us to sit on our asses 8 hours a day just to barely pay the mortgage.

Microsoft makes me less stupid.


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