Random Thoughts. Random Times.

Put your ROAD RAGE aside.

After that traffic incident I went through the other night, I saw 3 more accidents throughout the weekend. Two had already happened and a third happened before my eyes again. So I began to wonder, what the hell is going on. Obvious yet not.

I came across this random article. A good read if you’re bored:

Aggressive and timid drivers cause traffic jams, scientists discover

Researchers say aggressive motorists, who drive too fast and too close to the vehicle in front, or timid motorists, who leave too big a gap, send a “wave of deceleration” backwards down the road until traffic grinds to a stop.

Everyone just seems like they’re in such a big hurry nowadays. Everything is impulsively needed right away and there’s no evidence of slowing down.

Just because we’re driving a 2 ton piece of metal with the ability to drive upwards of 65mph+ doesn’t mean we always have to. We’re just too consumed with ourselves and our little bubbles that most people seem to have lost all regard for safety. Driving, weaving, speeding, just to get somewhere is not enough of a reason to put in danger countless individuals on the road whom may be adhering to the traffic laws.

More on this in a later post… but for now, please check that and put your ROAD RAGE aside for all our sakes.


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