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Bill Nye and Twitter

You’ve probably all seen the Yahoo article a few days ago featuring a story about the Great Bill Nye the Science Guy fainting during a lecture. The Yahoo article focuses on the audience’s inability to move from their seats to help the guy, instead, everyone was too busy turning to their phones to twitter or update their Facebook feed on the incident. But, can we really trust Yahoo? All their articles are damagingly skewed and they never tell the whole story. Yahoo failed to point out that Mr. Nye jumped in a matter of seconds of fainting.

I’m with this guy: http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/68656 “Twitter Generation Failed the Science Guy? Nonsense.”

But to switch gears like always, this is not really what intrigues me, it’s that Yahoo has some truth in their article. Why do we twitter? Why do we update our Facebook statuses religiously?

Everyone these days seems to be obsessed with twittering and updating their Facebook statuses with the most interesting thing at the moment. I am personally reaching a point where it is getting just too annoying to be in public with people and all they do is spend time on their phones. I wish we could go back to a time where cell-phones were non-existent so we could revive the art of social interaction. These days, it just seems out right blatantly rude to constantly be on your phone twittering, facebooking, texting, etc. It’s just become sad that we ‘re all in the middle of  potentially losing our social skills.

I run into more and more socially awkward people on a daily basis. What happened to manners? What happened to being courteous? I know this person, they spends all their time on the phone during social gatherings. What the hell? Why don’t you just stay home and hump your phone all night, why even bother going out?

Is the thought of social interaction no longer appealing to the masses? There’s just too many questions flowing out of me right now. I just don’t understand the obsession.

The more we try to network and connect, the more we’re losing touch with people right in front of us.


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