Random Thoughts. Random Times.


All too often, we’ tend to get caught up on the negatives in life and we become tunnel-visioned into only seeing the things we “could” have and what we don’t have. But if you’re reading this post right now, you’re probably in a well enough situation where you have the luxury of sitting down at your computer and being able to do what you please. That in itself is a luxury which can’t be said for more than 90% of the world. It’s true we live in a tough economy and we might not be able to have whatever we desire, but having our health, friends and family is sometimes more than enough for any one person to get by in life.

We might not be where we thought we would be. We might not be able to buy what we want. We might not be a talent or celebrity.

We all get caught up in the moment, and we can easily lose ourselves into an endless cycle of cynical negativity always yearning for better when sometimes, better is right in front of us. But what is better? This last year, I’ve been caught in a web of illusions which forced me to believe I needed more and where I was in life isn’t where I was supposed to be. That only did one thing, it made me cynical and depressed for most of the year. And after a year of going back and forth on where to go from here and what direction to take my life, I’ve discovered that all I needed to do was to slow down and just start by appreciating all the things that I already have and the good company that’s all around me. Simple, obvious, yet in reality, its easy to get lost and fall down into the trenches and far too many people lay victim to it.

We all get caught in the moment, and that’s perfectly fine, just remember to take a step back every once in awhile and appreciate what we have and where we came from, and we’ll be alright.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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