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Facebook offline.

I’ve been off of facebook for more than 7 months now. And I have to say, it’s been somewhat interesting. Let’s breakdown what I’ve missed out on:

1. birthday parties
2. group outings
3. parties
4. Wall banter
5. Relationship statuses

More after this –

Because I’m no longer on facebook, I’m not receiving the invitation to someone’s birthday, I’m not getting the latest relationship news, I’m not par-taking in wall banter, but does it matter? Is it because the world simply has a new form of communication? As sad as it sounds, that may true… But for me, I refuse to believe it. People who I thought were once my friends, seemed to have forgotten about me, because I’m no longer on facebook. Quite sad if you ask me, but I can’t help but wonder, are they worth being my friends in the first place? If someone can’t pick up a phone and make the time to send me a text or call, than maybe their relationship is not worth it at all.

I also refuse to believe that we’re all too busy to slow it down and call people we care about. People have been communicating personally for 100’s of years. Why is now any different? Do we have to succumb to society and go with the flow? I’ve been living my life fine for the last 7 months and I feel like I have more free time now than I had when I wasted hours and hours on facebook playing meaningless games and communicating via wall posts. I feel like I have stronger relationships with my friends and family now outside of facebook than I had before.

Not having facebook has pushed me to appreciate the value in personal connection. I take the time to reach out via phone or face to face more often than not, and my relationships are stronger because of it. Settling for a wall post and mass event invite just doesn’t cut it for me. I don’t have to hide behind a computer screen and pretend to “friend” someone or reply to wall posts, or pretend to “like” something we all know is stupid. I call who I want, see who I want, and I talk to who I want.

But who knows, I might have to return someday, maybe its just the conformity within me.


One response

  1. Jeannie

    Holla! This post resonates with me as I find more of my friends leaving facebook, too. You aren’t alone in these thoughts ;P

    Hope you’ve been well!

    January 27, 2011 at 6:37 pm

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