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Panty Raid’s = End of Civilization

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Has anyone ever come across the classic “Panty Raid”?

If not, let me elaborate a bit… every so often, Victoria Secret has a sale called the Panty Raid and it usually consist of a deal for 7 pairs of underwear for $25 dollars. What a steal!

Of course its a steal, to buy Victoria Secret anything and buy 7 of them for only $25 dollars is a great deal. Women spread the news to one another like wild fire and they all frantically scramble to their nearest mall. If you have ever witnessed such a sight, than you would know that the panty raid itself consists of a variety of drawers and a mound of underwear on top of the drawers. Women come and raid these drawers going through panties one after another until their heart’s content and they find the right one, but they can’t find only 1, they have to find 6 more to fulfill the 7 panty quota! So the digging continues, sometimes it can take up hours and hours of mindless digging just to satisfy the “Panty Raid” hunger.

So what’s the big deal? Where is the end in civilization? Well…

Everytime these raids commence, and as I observe the obssessive women aggressively rummaging through the drawers and frantically grabbing whats left in the drawers, I can’t help but wonder how many of them have germs, or if they’ve washed their hands or not. Then I continue to wonder… I think it would be an important precaution to wash the panties before use… But how many women really wash their panties before use? Not very many I’d say. Can you imagine how much germs and disease get spread all over the nation everytime these panty raids commence? Hundreds and thousands of women could have potentially touched a panty that you just bought from a recent panty raid and potentially that less than half of the women who had already touched your panties have clean hands and are germ-free…

The rapid spread of germs and diseases creates an imminent fear in my mind… The end of the world.

What if one women were to somehow contract a mutated strain of CrazedZombifiedladyocricy? It only takes one woman with that virus to infect a nation of panty crazed individuals. It would only be a matter of time until the threat spread to all our homes. From nice panties means sexy-dates and dates turn into sexcapades, and sexcapades turn into men touching panties and before you know it, we’re all infected and it’s too late.

The end of civilization is just beyond the horizon.

So everyone, please remember to keep clean, wash your hands, sanitize and please please take great caution when approaching your next PANTY RAID.







One response

  1. I remember I went to one of them. It was super packed and I barely got my panties and came out alive. I think I’m gonna go again next time!

    July 26, 2011 at 10:01 pm

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