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What do you stand for?

What do you stand for?

While watching the Green Hornet earlier tonight, I saw the preview for “Sucker Punch,” seems like one of those movies where it could be either really awesome or just another special effects driven let down.

While watching the trailer, a line caught my attention: “If you don’t stand for something than you’ll fall for anything.”

Nothing revolutionary right? Nothing new here, but I just started thinking about it’s obvious meaning. In reality, how many of us really stand for anything these days?

With facebook, twitter, youtube, reality TV stars, who really stands for anything? We’re too busy being “individuals” while trying to jump on the next band wagon.

How many times have you “liked” something that 50-1000 people have liked before you?

Take a look at music. The whole genre is moving towards house and dubstep and electronic dance music.

Politics? Change? There hasn’t been much of a change just the same manipulative rhetoric we’ve been hearing since the dawn of time.

We’re too busy trying to blindly conform to everything around us. We’re too scared that both technology and the world will move on without us. We’re too scared of being left behind that we’re lying to ourselves by forcing the belief that we’re all individuals. Where is the individualism? Why do we feel the need to promote our every action to the world? Is it not enough to have the self-awareness and confidence in ourselves that we need to voice to the world our every move?

Sucker Punch promotes a notion that our minds can ultimately free us from the shackles of reality. Reality, and the world we live in today, is quickly becoming a joke. What do we live for? What do we stand for? The constant fluctuation of ideas and belief is moving at a greater pace than you or I have ever been accustomed too.  At the rapid speed that information flows around the world, we’re inevitably pushed into a corner where we feel the need to either jump on or off the band wagon. Where is the time to conclude our own conclusions, many people can barely deduce fact from fiction alone, which makes the world an increasingly scary place.

What do you stand for?

Well, I’m trying to find out that answer too.


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