Random Thoughts. Random Times.

Japan: Lessons Learned

Since Japan was hit with that disastrous 9.0 a few weeks ago, I’ve just been sitting back and slowly taking everything in. I’ve been reading all the news, updates, and random thoughts people had, but I didn’t really know how to react to the situation myself. I’m not one to convey or say the right things at the proper/right moments, but I’m also not saying I wasn’t shocked by the whole incident either. I just didn’t know how to express myself and the anger that followed.

Increasingly, everyone around me is struggling with what they want out of life. We’re all grappling with the tough realities that the traditional modes to success no longer apply and we’re all at a lost. I know it’s stressed me out for the last few years, and I’ve struggled to find a footing in the world and figure out where I belong. Everyday that passes by, I engage in at least 1 conversation with someone who doesn’t know what they want out of life. As a result we’re all a little depressed and down in our own right, but in the overall picture, we’re certainly not alone. I’m sure it’s difficult to discover where we all belong, especially with the sudden abundance of over-night success stories popping up all over the place… who’s to blame these feelings?

During the past few weeks we’ve seen and heard Carpe Diem thrown around a lot lately. Everyone’s been telling each other that we have to appreciate what we have and enjoy the simple things in life, but that is difficult as hell. Maybe for a split second I am thankful for what I have but society’s pressures for success can be massively crippling. I try hard to realize the good: health, a job, family, etc. but the pressures for success quickly wash away those temporary thoughts. Anger quickly follows because, why can’t I just appreciate and enjoy things? People are dying and suffering across the world, and I’m complaining about who knows what.

I’ve been struggling on where my life should go, and like most people, I’ve been idle because of it.

I’ve now learned that, its been one of my biggest mistakes. To be idle, and stagnant, it’s hindered my ability to move forward.

Around the time when the earthquake hit japan, I asked someone (whom I regard as incredibly successful) –

“how did you figure out what you wanted to do with your life?”

He answered

“To be honest, I don’t know what I want to do with my life. Believe it or not… I’ve just been going with the flow and enjoying the ride.”

Obvious, but it still resonated with me. For the past year I’ve just been idle and stagnant and I haven’t moved forward because of it. We need to sit back and enjoy the ride. We may not know where we’re headed or what’s going to happen tomorrow, but that shouldn’t stop us from living today.

Japan’s in a state of crisis, and a good friend of mine over at Team-M approached me about an idea to have a Japan Relief Community Fundraiser. Last year, I would have said I was too busy, but now I’m done being idle. It’s time to move forward.

Details to come! 4/23/11.


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