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Asians are resurrecting Hip Hop. Jin is #Inspiration

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If you didn’t know or if you forgot about MC Jin, than I just want to say he’s still in the game and still doing his thing. And if it’s still been too long, than let me refresh your memory –  In 2001, he killed it on BET’s 106 and Park’s Freestyle Fridays by winning 7 battles and was eventually inducted into the Freestyle Hall of Fame. Again, if you don’t remember, back then, it was a big thing. It was unheard of for an Asian American to come into a realm which was and still is dominated by African Americans and just killed it. He was then picked up by Ruff Ryders and started his Cinderella rap career, but thats just an analogy, he busted his ass off to get there. He busted his ass in ways many people aren’t willing to do these days.

There was no Facebook and Youtube back then, Jin moved to NYC and hustled the streets by battling on street-side corners, basically anywhere he could. He kept his hustle and went head first in all his endeavors. Back in the early 2000’s as an Asian American, we didn’t really have a role model at all. Jackie Chan doesn’t count because he essentially upheld the stereotype of what an Asian is, and he wasn’t Asian American. But Jin was revolutionary and he rapped about things I could relate to. I remember listening to his track – “Love Story.” And if you don’t know what the song is about, it was about bi-racial love. A common issue most of my Asian American brothers and sisters often faced. Most of us were born and raised in America, and it’s only natural for us to interact and become interested in people of different ethnicities and backgrounds. I just remember how that track spoke to me, and gave me the courage to just continue doing what I was doing.  I knew I was  a Jin fan for life.

Jin had a great rap career and went where no Asian American rapper ever went and many still haven’t went. In 2005, he made a track called “I quit” where he talked about quitting the game. Most people thought he quit the rap game for good, but presently, he’s still killing it. He’s just killing it in Hong Kong. 5-6 years since his “I Quit” track came out, he’s still on the mic, but through his hustle he was blessed with a variety of different opportunities in Hong Kong. I still follow him and watch his “3 minute v-logs” religiously. He’s doing his thing with the birth of the “AIYA” movement.

Jin was and still is a major inspiration. I hope you guys get a chance to check out his youtube channel and follow an Asian American pioneer.


On a tangent. When I was looking through the comments for Jin’s video “The A-List” (which is the first youtube video on this post) there was a post which basically said that they found it ironic that Asians would be the ones who are resurrecting hip hop.

I find this to be true to an extent in a very subjective fashion. If you look at mainstream music, and even some big hip hop artists, they are jumping on this dub-step bandwagon by the masses. It’s hard to find a true hip hop song these days and I often find myself turning to emerging youtube stars and Asian-American artists for a hip hop fix.

Props to youtube stars and upcoming stars like Traphik, Dumbfounded, and Jreyes (Canadian). There’s many more, but they are killing it right now and letting the world know Asians are resurrecting hip hop.


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