Random Thoughts. Random Times.

Hope through all odds.

Dedicated to you.

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When someone receives heart breaking news, the natural reaction is to express condolences and extend a helping hand, but I haven’t done any of those. Instead I’ve just sat here staring at the computer screen hesitating to make a move. Maybe I don’t have the courage to face you or the realities of what’s happening.

The room’s filled with tears, sorrow and anger. We’re all sitting here questioning our faiths, our meaning, and our lives. I’m angry, I’m angry at the circumstance. I’m angry at the world. I’m angry because thats the only emotion I can display.

The world is a cruel place. It’s unforgiving, but despite knowing this, I’m still angry. I’m angry because reality never felt so real. I’m just rumbling and rambling along, emotions bouncing around, and I’m angry. I don’t know how to feel or what to say. I’m angry and equally useless. Useless to the cause, useless to the matter. Useless.

But nothing is going to help with this emo rant and selfishness. I’m afraid to face you because I’m selfish. I’m selfish because I don’t want to be weak in your presence.

But I’m not helping anyone by feeling sorry for you and myself. I’m not helping anyone by being angry and angry at the world.

For the first time, I feel as if life has slowed down and I’m standing still during this moment in time. The meaning of our lives have often eluded us, but its meaning and the paths we choose to reach our destinies all become trivial to the situation at hand. In this moment, what happens 10 years from now is beyond my state of mind. What happens 10 years from now can be on hold. The future can wait, as we come together to ensure that your future is preserved.

We’ll be here by your side and we’ll hold your hand throughout the journey ahead.

It’s only the beginning.


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