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Take it lightly.

Take it in stride.

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I’ve been reading a variety of articles discussing the negative implications of facebook and other social media outlets. Many people are increasingly developing some form of depression, whether it’s mild or severe, more and more people are becoming pessimistic about their lives.

I can agree to an extent, and I will admit, sometimes unnecessary things can get to me. But we’re all human, it happens.

It’s easy to be consumed with facebook, because we’re addicted to see what everyone else is up to.

You can be a creeper, closet stalker, or whatever. We’re logging into facebook because we want to see what everyone is doing. We want to see what they’re up to. We want to look at their pictures of their latest vacation. We want to see their status updates telling the world about how much fun they’re having. It’s a grown up high school and its a 24/7 popularity contest.

These are all obvious points of course. After being off of facebook for almost a year, its given me a different perspective on it. People may say, “steven, you’re posting on facebook everyday.” Yeah, its true that I post on facebook all the time, but its just for fun. After being off of facebook for a year, I truly found out who my friends were and appreciated those that still remembered to contact me. I learned to realize and appreciate those who still knew how to use a phone.

As I venture back onto facebook, its still the same shit different day mentality. Everyone takes it too seriously, and lose sight of their own life. We get too consumed by someone else’s life and live vicariously through their status updates.

But people are just posting things they deem as fun and exciting. Obvious? Well why are so many people getting so depressed over something that holds so much fallacy and as little as zero credibility?

We have to learn how to take it in stride and just take it all lightly with a grain of salt.

Just like someone who buys expensive clothing to cover up their insecurities, the material persona they try to portray to the public is only surface deep. Facebook is the same, the individual is the editor in chief, the marketing director, and HR. They determine what is said, why its said, and if its appropriate. Never forget this.

Times may be changing. Technology may be evolving. But life is still the same, its real and true. The digital world could be your black hole if you let it.


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