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What defines our lives?

This picture of Homer speaks volumes to what people out there should realize. Some may be fortunate enough to obtain a job to do what they love, but most of us are probably going to have a career doing what we hate. In the end, appreciate the job, and realize it’s just a means to live life.

What defines our lives? Our careers? Our jobs? How much we make?

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I am in my mid-20s and I have to say ideally it hasn’t been that great. I have thus concluded that being in my 20s is probably the worst age-range to be in. There is much doubt for the next 5-10 years; there are insecurities about how life will inevitably play out. There are pressure to do right now so that tomorrow will be better.

Sure we’re young and we’re in our primes, but as I sit here and assess what’s going around me, I just feel a strong sense of urgency surrounding me. Everyone seems to be racing down what society deem’s as a successful life and path. Whether it’s buying a house  before 30, getting married before a certain age, or just making a ton of money, it seems like a race for nothing.

How come some lessons in life can be so obvious to us, but at the same time so difficult to realize? We know that society dictates and influences our lives by instilling a template for how to live our lives. We know that it’s a man-made definition of life. We know that we don’t have to adhere to the vigor’s of society’s attempts to coerce us into believing how we should live our lives. But why do we all still fall victim to it?

Why do we feel the need to make a substantial amount of money?

Why do we have to buy a house to feel “established?”

Why does one person’s unemployment status make them less successful than someone else who makes 6-figures?

In the end, what is success?

If we didn’t have to gain an income to survive would we work? Of course not.

Using a career and income as the basis for evaluating someone’s success is rather ignorant. We’ve seen the research that shows what makes people happy, we’ve watched life-inspiring the movies, read the books, but nobody cares. As ignorant as this evaluation system is, we all still do it.

Social media and the internet might have made the world seem like a smaller place, but the world itself is still large and vast. Why do we have to plant our roots somewhere? Why do we have to establish a life in one spot?

The world is here for us to explore it, why do we have to waste our time in one place for a life-time.

We should try to jump off the yellow brick road and wander aimlessly until we discover what really motivates us to truly appreciate what life and the world has to offer. We don’t have to be married by a certain age. We don’t have to buy a house before 30. A career? Is that really going to make you happy? Don’t wait until retirement to start enjoying life. We’re young and able now, now is the time to go out there and explore. Who knows, maybe selling coconut juice on a random island making minimum wage for 30 years is far more fulfilling than making 6-figures in a demanding and exhausting 12 hour a day work environment.

We shouldn’t feel limited by what society and others around us are doing.

We’re all walking down a different path, just embrace the mysteries of tomorrow.



















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