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9/11 Never Forget.


Dying for an office job? Think again.

Do we sit around too much? Can sitting too long be detrimental to our health?

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Facebook vs. Reality

Alternate ending.

Valentines 2011: Randomness in Monterey

Tis been awhile on here. Randomness? Well we weren’t planning on doing much for valentines day. It was literally a spur of the moment type of deal. We didn’t know that the weekend just so happened to be the weekend the PGA Tour comes into town. Fortunately, we got lucky and booked the last room available around Cannery Row for miles.

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Need to update…

Been awhile since I’ve posted. Lots of pics to come.

Every time I hear Drake say this line in: Rhianna – What’s my name ft. Drake, I can’t help but laugh…