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Missing Person – Michelle Le – Please help spread the word


Are you breaking up or getting married?

WongFu does it again! This video is on point when it comes to relationships and its stages. What caught my eye was when they were talking about if they would ever get married, or what the next steps were. I’ve been saying this for awhile but…

Not sure what it is, but it seems everyone around me lately is either breaking up or getting married.

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Take it lightly.

Take it in stride.

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Asians are resurrecting Hip Hop. Jin is #Inspiration

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Asians. We bringin it. MC Jin Approved.

See you on the other side

New Year in a few hours. Looking forward to it. New beginnings. See everyone on the other side!

My Pixie Hammers will Annihilate you

Has anyone ever visited xtranormal.com?