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What is…

Courage is universal.

Without a hint of transparency, we’re still discovering the secrets and horrors of our past. Check out this post on NPR about a courageous Russian Cosmonaut stepping into a space shuttle despite knowing he’d never return.



Chris Brown. Revisited. What is?


Our Journey.



Our posts thus far have been filled with cynical intense sarcasm coming at you live in HD mind-blowing television through our conceptual minds bringing forth the new realm of intellect combined with a variety of nothing.

During a random Saturday night spending time at our favorite local pub, getting intoxicated in various ways, a revelation hit me like Aladdin’s 40 thieves.

People reading this will probably say “no shit sherlock,” but is it really that obvious? Are we really as aware as we think we are? Do we really appreciate what we have here, in the U S of A? I think not, absolutely not.

Between reality T.V. shows and “The Hills,” we’re imprisoned by our regressive-minds. The more we try to go forward in life, the more we strive to attain more, the further we fall from the happiness that used to be within arms reach.

When did life become so insignificant?

In what world can we live in where:

we can waste our time and stand in line for iphone 4?

I can stay up and lose sleep over whether I want a PC or MAC?

I’m sitting there on a Saturday night, wasting my money on rounds and rounds of beer?

I can spend hours facebook stalking my significant other’s ex?

I worry about what I’ll wear to the club tomorrow night?

Assessing whether I have Bieberfever?

Where people like Kim Kardashian get paid millions for nothing?

I can have 10 different colors of the same Flannel shirt?

A fucking great world, that’s what it is. Many of our daily concerns are full of shit and we’re so entrenched into them it’s ridiculously stupid as fuck. While 80% of the world is struggling to survive and put food on the table, we’re here wasting our time through meaningless endeavors and yet we pride ourselves as a progressive and intellectual society, but all I see is nothing progressive at all. Nothing at all…

I complain that McDonalds gets my order wrong, when children in 3rd world countries haven’t eaten for days.

I’m depressed that I can’t buy a Lamborghini? I have a car. Shouldn’t that be enough?

I have an iphone 3gs, but why do I want an iphone 4?

I have a roof over my head, but I want something bigger.

I can see the world, but I go to Vegas.

We’re prisoners, prisoners of our gluttonous behaviors that we’ll never break out of. It’s sad and pathetic. We walk around like we’re the shit, but at the end of the day, we’re not, nowhere near being the shit. Nobility runs through none of our veins. Since when did having a roof and food on the table no longer be enough? When did we lose sight of what’s important to us and be blinded by our self-indulging behaviors.

Maybe we’re not as progressive as we think we are. Maybe we’re  not as smart as we think we are. Maybe our society is moving backwards faster than it’s moving forward. It’s moving backwards so fast, most of us are just along for the ride and through the thrills, twist and turns, we’re just going to end up fucked up in the mind… more than ever before.

Is it possible to put our energy in things that matter and enjoy company we love? We may not be over-night celebrities or have millions to spend, but we should appreciate. Appreciate that we don’t have to struggle for food everyday, or worry whether or not we’ll be killed tomorrow. Is it possible? My mind tells me no, but my heart says yes. My heart longs for society to prove me wrong, but every time, our society continues to disappoint me.

So until then…

Be grateful, we can use terms like “retail therapy,” and “google it” in the same sentence.

Which journey will you take?

North Face… What’s in a Windwall?

Oh how I love marketing ploys. They’re the best, they manipulate and twist our minds until its so unbearable, we fold to our greed and our logic drowns in confusion.

North Face, what beautiful jackets they make. I love North Face, I love to enter North Face stores and browse, and only browse. I observe from afar, I look but never touch. Until… I discovered the coveted WINDWALL technology. “What a simple concept?” I thought to myself…

I had to have it! How to justify a $99 jacket? My will bended to North Face’s seductive marketing scheme.

But what exactly is a windwall? Is it simply a magical North Face wall against the wind? Who knows. I didn’t know. I went onto the internet in search of the meaning of the windwall and this is what it says on the North Face site:

“Wind can be your worst enemy, making cold and uncomfortable, dangerous and unbearable. The WindWall® 1 Jacket takes the edge off.” -Cedar Wright, The North Face® Athlete, Rock Climber The WindWall® 1 Jacket is a great windchill-inhibiting fleece for everyday wear. Delivering athletic warmth in cold weather, and excellent insulation when layered, there’s no wonder why this is a favorite fleece among athletes in windy, cold conditions.

Sounds great! But what the hell does it mean? It’s a bunch of gibberish to me.

“WINDCHILL INHIBITING” – is that even a word?

It’s just marketing right? It’ll work when it counts.

Winter finally arrived and I had my opportunity. On this especially windy day in mid-February, I had my chance. While everyone was complaining about the cold, and the deathly winds, I knew I was covered. I had spent $99 dollars on North Face’s exclusive WINDWALL technology! One of the premier “…windchill inhibiting fleece” out there! Nothing could go wrong. I stepped out into the world feeling like a million bucks! I felt like raging bull ready to stampede my way through the day with my WINDWALL on my back! Nothing could stand in my way! Nothing could stop me! As I stepped out… to my dismay, on this glorious day where I was destined to be more, when I had just finished watching the US ARMY tell me that I can be all that I can be!

The morning where the culmination of everything I’ve ever learned finally aligned and I understood what it meant to be an AMERICAN – I stood at my door-step wearing my WINDWALL NORTH FACE JACKET and my RAINBOW SANDALS

I was stopped. I couln’t move a muscle. My destiny was halted. I was halted. The wind penetrated my heart with fierce conviction and the windwall did nothing to stop it! After months of anticipation, my heart sank. My trust in man-kind was never the same.

“…take the edge off” they told me…

$99 dollars later and the wind still pains me. The only element I can trust these days are my GOD-given abilities.

Way to go North Face.