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What defines our lives?

This picture of Homer speaks volumes to what people out there should realize. Some may be fortunate enough to obtain a job to do what they love, but most of us are probably going to have a career doing what we hate. In the end, appreciate the job, and realize it’s just a means to live life.

What defines our lives? Our careers? Our jobs? How much we make?

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Emo. depression. why not?

We’re so used to the term “emo” and depression as if it were the latest fad. Since when did it become “cool” to be depressed? Since now, I’d say. Just like pokemon and cute cupcakes, being depressed and emo is the thing to do. Pondering life and all it has to offer is the thing to do. Wondering why we’re here and being angry at the world is the way to go. I love it.



I recently took a vacation and traveled for a week. The vacation was filled with enjoyment, relaxation and the company of great friends. Sounds like your typical vacation, however, this time around, I did something that I have never done before. I’ve never done this in the span of over 6 years.

I disconnected.

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